The AI Driven Autonomous Software Testing Platform

Experience the revolution in API testing with Aptori. Harnessing the power of AI, Aptori autonomously constructs, executes, and maintains tests, ensuring secure, compliant, and efficient APIs. Shift left Security Testing with ease and confidence and transform your API testing journey today.

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Autonomous Testing: Aptori's AI-Powered Journey from Discovery to Delivery

Aptori works by using AI to automate the process of API testing. From the discovery of your APIs, to test case generation and execution.

The autonomous testing semantically understand your application to generate tests crafted to test the business logic of your application.

This allows you to release with confidence, reduce costs, and reduce risk.

API Discovery

Aptori begins by discovering your APIs. This involves identifying all the APIs that your application uses and understanding their structure and behavior.

Semantic Graph Creation

Using its proprietary Semantic Reasoning Platform, Aptori constructs a semantic model of your API. This model, known as a semantic graph, represents the various operations of your API and the relationships between them.

Autonomous Test Generation and Test Execution

The Semantic Graph empowers Aptori to understand your application's API, simulating user interactions and creating test cases for all conceivable API usage patterns. This capability enables Aptori to autonomously generate test code and conduct thorough testing of your application, identifying any flaws in its business logic prior to its rollout in a live environment.

Identify & Triage Vulnerabilities

Aptori’s AI-driven approach minimizes false positives while detecting flaws in the business logic of your application, finding complex RBAC and ABAC vulnerabilities like IDOR and BOLA.

The actionable results are presented in a clear and understandable format, allowing you to easily identify and address any problems with your API quickly.

Continuous Risk Monitoring

Aptori continuously monitors your API and updates the semantic graph and the tests as needed. This ensures that the tests remain relevant as your API evolves over time.

In addition to testing your API, Aptori also monitors the risk posture and performance of your APIs in each environment, from development to production. This allows you to understand the health of your APIs in real-time and take action to mitigate any identified risks.

Application Security Testing
for the Shift-Left Revolution

Aptori offers end-to-end, automated API security testing throughout the SDLC. Its autonomous platform runs custom attack scenarios and leverages Semantic Reasoning Technology for fast, efficient detection of complex vulnerabilities. Easily integrated into your IDE and CI/CD pipeline, Aptori ensures secure and confident API releases.

Continuous Testing

Aptori uses an AI-generated semantic graph of your API to continuously test your API, discovering defects before they make it to production.

Risk Reduction

Aptori ensures that your APIs are always secure and compliant. It tracks the risk posture and performance of your APIs, in each environment, from development to production.

AI-Enabled Automation

Aptori discovers your APIs and analyzes their behavior using sophisticated stateful graphing to identify hard-to-find defects and vulnerabilities before a hacker finds them.In essence, Aptori is designed to be a developer's co-pilot in building high-quality, secure software.

Cost Reduction

Aptori eliminates the manual effort of writing and instrumenting API tests. Its technology uses AI to autonomously construct sophisticated API tests using a semantic graph of your API.

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Experience the future of autonomous software testing with Aptori, your AI-powered co-pilot for building  secure by design applications.

Transforming API Testing, Reducing Risk

Aptori is not just a tool, it's a revolution in API testing. Our proprietary technology eliminates the manual effort of writing and instrumenting API tests, significantly reducing costs. But that's not all - Aptori ensures your APIs are always secure and compliant, tracking the risk posture and performance of your APIs in real-time. With Aptori, you're not just reducing risk, you're transforming the way you approach API testing.

Unleash Innovation with Confidence

With Aptori, you're not just testing APIs - you're paving the way for secure and reliable innovation. Our AI-driven platform autonomously tests your API sequences, identifying defects before they reach production. By integrating into all stages of the software development lifecycle, Aptori provides actionable insights that empower you to mitigate issues swiftly and release with confidence.

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