Reduce Risk With AI-Powered Application Security

Proactive API Security

AI-Driven Business Logic Testing For Application Security

Aptori, your AI teammate, conducts static, dynamic, and semantic scans of your software to identify vulnerabilities within minutes of a pull request and suggest fixes for quick remediation.


Developers use Aptori as an AI assistant, helping them create secure, high-quality software.

Using our
Semantic Reasoning Technology, Aptori creates a semantic model of your Application. It autonomously generates and executes API tests to identify business logic flaws in your software and provides fixes to prevent vulnerabilities.

At the heart of Aptori is our exclusive sift analyzer, an AI-powered tool that leverages Semantic Reasoning Technology to enhance the effectiveness of Application and API security testing by 100 times.

AI Assistant To Minimize Application Security Risks

Semantic Scans

Streamline your software development by integrating advanced AI-enhanced security scans directly into your CI/CD.

Vulnerability Management

Revolutionize application security by automating vulnerability management to identify, assess, and prioritize vulnerabilities.

Code Remediation

The AI Agent not only identifies vulnerabilities but also actively remedies them by automatically suggesting code fixes.

AI Enhanced Security Scanning

Aptori streamlines your software development by integrating advanced AI-enhanced security scans directly into your CI/CD.

This includes static, dynamic, semantic, and runtime analyses, allowing for comprehensive vulnerability detection from code development to live application operation.

API Security Testing
Deep Scan of your Application using proprietary Aptori Semantic Testing technology.
Container Scanning
Examines your container for packages that have security vulnerabilities.
Secrets Detection
Checks your code to detect any exposed or leaked API keys, passwords, certificates, encryption keys, and more
Surface Monitoring (DAST)
Conducts dynamic simulations of attacks on your web app's front-end to identify vulnerabilities.
Static Code Analysis (SAST)
Analyzes your source code for potential security threats prior to merging code.
Open Source Dependency Scanning (SCA)
Continuously scans your code for known vulnerabilities, CVEs, and various other security risks

Reduce Risk

Keep tabs on issues and gain real-time insights into the risk-posture of your applications and APIs.

Ensure that your Applications and APIs are always secure and compliant. Through continuous API risk assessment, Aptori monitors the security posture of your Application across all stages, from development to deployment.

Advanced AI for Proactive Vulnerability Management

Aptori's latest AI technology revolutionizes Application security by providing an automated solution for vulnerability management.

This intelligent system not only identifies and assesses vulnerabilities based on severity and impact but also offers strategic prioritization and root cause analysis to enhance remediation processes.

Automated Issue Triage
Automatically evaluates each vulnerability for severity and implications, streamlining the management process.
Root Cause Analysis
Delves into the underlying causes of vulnerabilities, equipping developers with critical insights for effective problem-solving.
Intelligent Prioritization
Ensures critical vulnerabilities are addressed first, maximizing the efficiency of remediation efforts.
Reduce Security Risk
By prioritizing and addressing vulnerabilities effectively, Aptori's AI Agent fortifies API security against potential threats.

Reduce Costs

Aptori removes the labor-intensive task of manually creating and maintaining test code.

Our unique Semantic Reasoning technology harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to comprehend your application's API, equipping Aptori to emulate user interactions and develop API test scenarios for every possible usage pattern.

This allows autonomous application security testing to identify business logic defects before your application is deployed in a production environment.

AI Agent for Automated Code Remediation

Aptori’s AI Agent now goes beyond identifying vulnerabilities—it actively fixes them. It automatically suggests code fixes based on its analysis, speeding up the remediation process. Developers can resolve security issues more efficiently due to the streamlined process enabled by the AI-driven analysis and solutions.

Streamline your development process with AI that not only detects but also corrects vulnerabilities, enhancing both security and efficiency.

Automated Code Analysis
Analyzes the affected code segments to accurately determine the root causes of vulnerabilities.
Automated Fixes
It suggests code fixes automatically based on the analysis, accelerating the remediation process.
Accelerated Remediation Process
Speeds up the resolution of security issues, enabling faster development cycles and deployment.
Reduced Developer Workload
Frees up developer resources by handling the detection and correction of security vulnerabilities through AI-driven processes.

Release With Confidence

AI-Driven Test Automation helps you efficiently weave application security testing into every phase of the SDLC.

Aptori uses an AI-generated semantic model of your Application to continuously test your Application, discovering defects before they make it to production.

It enhances the process of remediating vulnerabilities by incorporating security scans—covering Cloud, Application, and API Security. Aptori not only identifies issues but also provides quick fixes to mitigate them, streamlining the entire security aspect of development.

How Aptori Works?

Introducing Semantic Testing

Aptori explores and identifies the APIs of your application, creating a Semantic Model that represents your application's structure. It then examines your APIs' operations through advanced stateful graphing techniques, detecting flaws in business logic to safeguard against application vulnerabilities.


Stateful testing of API sequences ensures the business logic is exercised with meaningful inputs


Semantic model enumerates
all significant sequences to exercise
every operation


Sequence selection is optimized
by the data relationships between API operations

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