Automated API Risk Assessment

Aptori automates the process of API Risk Assessment. The autonomous testing platform lets you identify and pen test your APIs. It runs tailor-made attack scenarios specific to your application to uncover general and Business Logic Vulnerabilities.  

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How Aptori Functions

Aptori doesn't just skim the surface. It delves deep, identifying both general and business logic vulnerabilities tailored to your application's unique architecture.

Learn Your API

Aptori only requires a list of your API's endpoints and methods to integrate with your platform. Alternatively, provide us with an OpenAPI specification, Swagger, or Postman collection, and we'll handle the rest.

Generate Tests

The platform automatically crafts thousands of custom attack scenarios, ensuring comprehensive coverage against the OWASP API Top 10 and other advanced security categories.

Execute Attacks

You can manually trigger the pen tests or seamlessly integrate the automated tests into your CI/CD pipeline to verify that your APIs are free from vulnerabilities.

Identify Vulnerabilities

Aptori’s AI-driven approach minimizes false positives while detecting flaws in the business logic of your application, finding complex RBAC and ABAC vulnerabilities like IDOR and BOLA.

API Risk Assessment For Modern Applications

Aptori offers end-to-end, automated API Risk Assessment for your dynamic cloud native applications. Aptori leverages Semantic Reasoning for fast execution of custom attack scenarios to detect complex business logic vulnerabilities. The significance of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing, often abbreviated as VAPT, cannot be overstated.

Automated scans offer thorough coverage for the OWASP API top 10, CVEs, AuthN, AuthZ, while also detecting business logic flaws and potential sensitive data leaks.

Continuous API Risk Assessment

Regular updates mean regular vulnerabilities. Keep pace with continuous API risk assessments. Powered by advanced artificial intelligence, Aptori offers precision and accuracy in risk assessment, ensuring that no vulnerability goes unnoticed.

Automated API Testing

Aptori uses an AI-generated semantic graph of your Application’s API to test the business logic of your Application. As Aptori intelligently tests sequences of API operations, it checks for business logic flaws and the full range of OWASP API security vulnerabilities.

Comprehensive Risk Visibility

With multiple microservices communicating via APIs, the potential attack surface increases. Stay protected with thorough assessments.

Seamless CI/CD Integration

Seamlessly integrate risk assessments into your deployment processes. Our Semantic Tester (SIFT) seamlessly integrates with your current CI/CD pipelines and tools, such as Jenkins, GitHub, and GitLab, and workflow management tools, including ServiceNow, Slack, and Jira.

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Unleash the Power of AI in API Testing

Embrace the AI Revolution

Aptori harnesses the power of AI to autonomously generate, execute, and maintain tests. This ensures your APIs are not just secure and compliant, but also operating at peak efficiency.
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Unleash the Power of AI in API Testing

Semantic Reasoning - Your Secret Weapon

Aptori's proprietary Semantic Reasoning Platform is the secret weapon in your software development arsenal. It constructs an optimized API call graph and rapidly analyzes sequences of operations to create meaningful API workflows. This sophisticated approach ensures your APIs are tested comprehensively and efficiently.
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Unleash the Power of AI in API Testing

Shift Left, Soar High

Aptori is more than a platform - it's a developer's best friend. Seamlessly integrating into your existing workflows, Aptori allows your team to uncover security vulnerabilities early in the SDLC. With Aptori, developers can ship code faster, with greater confidence, and with the assurance of security.
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