Prevent Broken Object Level Authorization Vulnerabilities

Protect your APIs from BOLA Vulnerabilities. Aptori provides a comprehensive, autonomous approach to test Object Access Policies to validate complex Role-Based (RBAC) and Attribute-Based (ABAC) policies. Aptori runs attack scenarios specific to your application on each build, ensuring it's secure before deployment.

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Protect Your APIs from Broken Object Vulnerabilities

Broken Object Level Authorization is a vulnerability that occurs when users can access data they aren't authorized to due to inadequate or completely lacking access and authorization controls at the object level.

BOLA is often considered synonymous with Insecure Direct Object References (IDOR). Both involve inadequate access controls that allow unauthorized users to access or modify data.

The Challenge

Security teams struggle with API protection as they often rely on limited tools like WAFs and compliance standards like PCI or SOC 2. These approaches can't identify unknown threats or stop fraud and data theft via legitimate transactions. In summary, traditional defenses fall short in preventing BOLA attacks.

The Solution

To protect your APIs against BOLA vulnerabilities, it's crucial to build applications with security as a foundational element and rigorously test the application's business logic to validate the access control policies.


How Aptori Functions

Aptori is a Developer-First API security testing solution that uses Semantic Reasoning to understand your Applications’ APIs and tests the business logic
for Broken Object Level Authorization vulnerabilities.

Automated scans offer thorough coverage for the
OWASP API top 10, CVEs, AuthN, AuthZ,
while also detecting business logic flaws and potential sensitive data leaks.

Learn Your API

Aptori only requires a list of your API's endpoints and methods to integrate with your platform. Alternatively, provide us with an OpenAPI specification, Swagger, or Postman collection, and we'll handle the rest.

Generate Tests

The platform automatically crafts thousands of custom attack scenarios, ensuring comprehensive coverage against the OWASP API Top 10 and other advanced security categories.

Execute Attacks

You can manually trigger the pen tests or seamlessly integrate the automated tests into your CI/CD pipeline to verify that your APIs are free from vulnerabilities.

Identify Vulnerabilities

Aptori’s AI-driven approach minimizes false positives while detecting flaws in the business logic of your application, finding complex RBAC and ABAC vulnerabilities like IDOR and BOLA.

Autonomous Testing for Shift-Left Security

Aptori offers end-to-end, automated API security testing throughout the SDLC. The autonomous platform runs custom attack scenarios and leverages Semantic Reasoning Technology for fast, efficient detection of complex business logic vulnerabilities. Easily integrated into your IDE and CI/CD pipeline, Aptori ensures secure and compliant API releases.

Effortless API Testing

Aptori uses an AI-generated semantic graph of your Application’s API to test the business logic of your Application. As Aptori intelligently tests sequences of API operations, it checks for functional defects and the full range of OWASP API security vulnerabilities.

Shift-Left API Security Testing

Sift, our lightweight cross-platform CLI,  enables developers to quickly and easily test their APIs and get fast feedback as they implement their code. Sift integrates into the IDE or the CI pipeline for autonomous testing, ensuring no API is untested, and all vulnerabilities are fixed before production.

Comprehensive Risk Visibility

Achieve extensive API visibility across various states and environments throughout the API development process through all stages of the SDLC. Import APIs dynamically from a diverse range of sources and dynamically test your API for functional and security defects. 

Seamless CI/CD Integration

Our Semantic Tester (SIFT) seamlessly integrates with your current CI/CD pipelines and tools, such as Jenkins, GitHub, and GitLab, and workflow management tools, including ServiceNow, Slack, and Jira.

Automated Examination of Object Access and Role-Based Access Control

Did you know that Broken Object Level Authorization (BOLA) is the leading API security risk on the OWASP list? Aptori can automatically check all user access scenarios, including multi-user and group interactions, and quickly alert you to any policy violations. This ensures your live app remains secure against unauthorized access.

Enhance Code Quality While Minimizing Expenses

Aptori automates test creation for APIs, freeing developers to focus on coding. Its AI-driven tests catch defects and security issues early, making fixes easier and more cost-effective than post-launch corrections.

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