Software Composition Analysis (SCA) Tool

Effortlessly Identify and manage open-source components within your  codebase with Aptori Software Composition Analysis (SCA). This SCA tool aids in comprehending your software inventory, particularly focusing on third-party and open-source elements, to effectively handle aspects related to quality, licensing, and security risks

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Secure Your Software Supply Chain

Aptori's comprehensive software supply chain security platform offers easy, one-click integration of Open-Source SCA tools with your current CI/CD pipeline. This enables continuous monitoring of code for potential risks at every stage of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), empowering DevSecOps teams to adopt best practices for enhanced code security.

Reduce Open-Source Risk

Minimize the likelihood of successful attacks while maintaining your existing production infrastructure intact.

Speed Up Fixes

Speed up remediation processes and drastically cut costs by identifying and resolving issues earlier in the development cycle with Software Composition Analysis

Meet Regulations

Enhance your compliance posture, prevent hefty regulatory fines and protecting your reputation from potential damage due to security incidents.

Remove Security Hurdles

Deliver secure code seamlessly, without the need for deep security expertise, with easy integration of Software Composition Analysis tools.

Simplify Security Testing

Initiate SCA scans directly from the CLI for rapid scanning, and incorporate them into CI/CD for ongoing evaluation. Rectify coding errors early in the SDLC.

Build Trust In Security

Boost your organization’s confidence in code quality through rigorous, continuous SCA early in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

SCA for the Shift-Left Revolution

Aptori offers seamless integration of Open-Source Software Composition Analysis tools early in the SDLC.

Seamlessly integrate SCA into your IDE and CI/CD pipeline, Aptori performs quick scans and delivers actionable remediation insights to developers, guaranteeing the release of secure and compliant software.

Effortless SCA Testing

Detect and address vulnerabilities in an application's proprietary source code during the initial phases of the development process, without slowing down progress. This approach helps in cutting development costs and accelerates the shipping of code to production.

Shift-Left Software Composition Analysis with Developer-First Security

Sift, our lightweight cross-platform CLI,  enables developers to quickly and easily test their APIs and get fast feedback as they implement their code. Sift integrates into the IDE or the CI pipeline for autonomous testing, ensuring no API is untested, and all vulnerabilities are fixed before production.

Risk Visibility

Detect all open-source components, packages, and dependencies in your software for any known vulnerabilities. This process is crucial for ensuring that your software adheres to licensing requirements and for reducing security risks. By doing so, you maintain the integrity and security of your software, while also complying with legal standards.

CI/CD Integration

With Aptori Software Composition Analysis tools, seamlessly integrates with your current CI/CD pipelines and tools, such as Jenkins, GitHub, and GitLab, and workflow management tools, including ServiceNow, Slack, and Jira.

Automated Examination of Object Access and Role-Based Access Control

Broken Object Level Authorization (BOLA) is the top OWASP API security vulnerability. Aptori autonomously validates user access scenarios and alerts on policy deviations. This sophisticated testing guarantees your live application does not permit unauthorized access to objects and resources.

Enhance Code Quality
Minimizing Expenses

Aptori uses AI to generate functional and security tests for APIs, freeing developers from manual test writing. Addressing vulnerabilities early with Aptori is both efficient and cost-effective, preventing issues in live production.

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Unleash the Power of AI in API Testing

Embrace the AI Revolution

Aptori harnesses the power of AI to autonomously generate, execute, and maintain tests. This ensures your APIs are not just secure and compliant, but also operating at peak efficiency.
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Unleash the Power of AI in API Testing

Semantic Reasoning - Your Secret Weapon

Aptori's proprietary Semantic Reasoning Platform is the secret weapon in your software development arsenal. It constructs an optimized API call graph and rapidly analyzes sequences of operations to create meaningful API workflows. This sophisticated approach ensures your APIs are tested comprehensively and efficiently.
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Unleash the Power of AI in API Testing

Shift Left, Soar High

Aptori is more than a platform - it's a developer's best friend. Seamlessly integrating into your existing workflows, Aptori allows your team to uncover security vulnerabilities early in the SDLC. With Aptori, developers can ship code faster, with greater confidence, and with the assurance of security.
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