Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST)

Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST) is a security testing methodology that combines elements of both SAST and DAST. It's designed to assess the security of applications from within, using a real-time approach to identify potential vulnerabilities.


Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST) represents a fusion of Static Application Security Testing (SAST) and Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST), combining the strengths of both to provide a comprehensive security analysis. It's designed to assess the security of applications from within, using a real-time approach to identify potential vulnerabilities.

At the heart of IAST is the concept of real-time security testing. Unlike traditional security testing methodologies that operate either before or after the application is running, IAST works from within the application during its runtime. This approach allows IAST to examine the application's interactions, data flows, and performance profiles, providing a detailed and accurate picture of the application's security posture.

A key advantage of IAST is its ability to identify vulnerabilities that might be missed by other testing methodologies. By operating from within the application, Interactive Application Security Testing can detect potential security issues that arise from the application's actual behavior, rather than just its code or external behavior. This includes vulnerabilities that result from complex interactions between different parts of the application, or from specific sequences of operations that might not be apparent from a static or external analysis.

Furthermore, IAST's real-time approach allows it to provide immediate feedback to developers, enabling them to identify and address potential security issues as they arise. This not only improves the efficiency of the development process but also helps to instill a culture of security awareness and proactive security practices within the development team.

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