Accelerating AI-Powered Security Testing with Aptori

Accelerating AI-Powered Security Testing with Aptori

We're thrilled to announce that Aptori has been selected in the Google for Startups Accelerator: AI First cohort program.

Innovating Faster with Google for Startups

We're thrilled to announce that Aptori has been chosen to participate in the Google for Startups Accelerator: AI First cohort program.

Our mission at Aptori, is to ensure the development of secure, high-quality software. This selection enables Aptori to embrace and integrate cutting-edge AI technology into our offerings. The outcome? Enhanced products for our users, leading to swifter execution, improved precision, and a celebration of superior quality software!

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Why Aptori?

Software is ubiquitous, shaping every facet of our lives. From managing our personal information to running the critical infrastructure of global economies, the role of software is undeniably central. However, the reporting of over 3,000 data breaches last year, affecting over 300 million users, has starkly highlighted the vulnerabilities in our systems like never before.

As someone who loves building products, I understand the excitement of developing and launching new features. However, testing is usually less exhilarating and plain tedious. This raises the question: When have we tested enough? Even with the best intentions, the inevitable compromises lead to vulnerabilities in software, putting users at risk.

Aptori serves as your AI-powered teammate, empowering developers to release secure, high-quality software rapidly and efficiently. 

Aptori Transforms Software Testing

By leveraging advanced AI technologies, Aptori creates a 'semantic model' of your application, enabling it to conduct thousands of targeted checks within seconds. These checks are focused directly on the logic of your application.

To begin with, Aptori autonomously creates and carries out thousands of 'abuse' test scenarios, pinpointing vulnerabilities within your software. These tests encompass scenarios that, due to their sheer volume, would be practically impossible for a developer to write and execute manually.

What further separates Aptori is its comprehensive approach to security scanning, amalgamating all essential security scanning functions (including ) into a single, cohesive platform. Seamlessly integrating security scans into your development workflow providing a panoramic view of your application's security posture at every stage—from coding to cloud deployment. 

AI-Powered Teammate for Secure Software Development

Aptori serves as your AI-powered teammate, empowering developers to release secure, high-quality software rapidly and efficiently. 

Imagine reducing what used to take 20 engineers and 30 days of testing to just 30 minutes with AI. For a Fortune 500 enterprise we're collaborating with, this capability translates to an annual saving of millions of dollars. The benefits of Aptori extend far beyond financial savings. It's about accelerating speed to market, enhancing software reliability, and ultimately making secure software a standard practice.

The key advantage of Aptori is its ability to conduct continuous testing, identifying flaws during the development phase to ensure no issues are overlooked before deployment. As your projects evolve, with expanding code bases and shifting team dynamics, Aptori is a constant, ever-improving AI partner. 

We are on a mission to ensure that secure software is the standard. If your enterprise is eager to advance its Product Security program with AI, we would be delighted to collaborate. Please get in touch!

Why Product Teams choose Aptori

Searching for an automated API security solution? Aptori is your top choice. It effortlessly discovers and secures your applications and can be implemented in minutes.

Setting up and performing application security scans using Aptori is a breeze. Whether it's you or your security team, it's operational in no time. Benefit from in-depth security insights and expedite the remediation process by integrating security checks seamlessly into your SDLC.

Experience the full potential of Aptori with a free trial before making your final decision.

Interested in a live demo to witness the capabilities of Aptori with your APIs? We'd be delighted to connect and show you firsthand.

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