Resilient & Secure API Development - Save Costs with Proactive Software Quality

Resilient & Secure API Development - Save Costs with Proactive Software Quality

Learn how to develop resilient and secure APIs for your enterprise by adopting an API development methodology focused on proactive software quality. Drive cost savings, enhance security, and boost efficiency with our expert tips and strategies.

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Secure API Development

A blueprint for organizations to develop and publish secure APIs

The development of resilient and secure APIs is a requirement for many enterprises. APIs are a core element of many software architectures (e.g., service-oriented, client-server), and enable enterprises to construct applications that are leveraged by various clients (e.g., web, mobile), and partner services (both internal and third-party).  

Covered in this white paper:

Cost-Efficient API Development : Embrace an API development strategy emphasizing proactive quality for long-term savings.

Collaborative Security : Unite developers and security teams for an embedded security culture in API development.

API Contract : Develop an API definition and authorization policy for stakeholder review and validation.

Proactive Testing : Regularly validate your APIs against the defined contract to ensure robustness, resilience, and security.

 Enterprise-Ready APIs : Prioritize software quality for resilient, secure APIs that enhance efficiency and security.

Join us in building a future with cost-effective, collaboratively developed, clearly defined, and proactively tested APIs. Welcome to the new era of enterprise-ready APIs.