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Secure your APIs with Aptori

The AI Powered Autonomous Testing Platform

Aptori is the industry’s first Autonomous Testing Platform to use generative AI to make API testing 100x faster and 100x more effective.

Aptori is your AI-Powered copilot for Building High Quality Software that is Secure by Design

Harnessing the power of Generative AI, Aptori is revolutionizing the field of software development. By automating the process of test creation and execution, we are liberating developers from the burdensome cycle of writing and maintaining tests.

‍Our proprietary Semantic Reasoning Platform uses AI to construct a semantic model of your API and autonomously tests API sequences to ensure security, compliance, and availability.

Release With Confidence

Aptori uses an AI-generated semantic graph of your API to continuously test your API, discovering defects before they make it to production. Aptori integrates into all stages of the SDLC and provides actionable results to mitigate issues quickly.

Reduce Costs

Aptori eliminates the manual effort of writing and instrumenting API tests. Our proprietary technology uses AI to autonomously construct sophisticated API tests using a semantic graph of your API.

Reduce Risk

Ensure that your APIs are always secure and compliant. Aptori tracks the risk posture and performance of your APIs, in each environment, from development to production. Track defects and understand the health of your APIs in real-time.

How Aptori Works?

Introducing The Semantic Graph

Aptori discovers your APIs and analyzes the behavior of your APIs using sophisticated stateful graphing to identify the hard-to-find defects and vulnerabilities before a hacker invariably finds them.


Stateful sequences ensure business logic is exercised with meaningful inputs


Semantic model enumerates all significant sequences to exercise every operation


Sequence selection optimized by the data relationships between API operations

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