March 2024


Infrastructure as Code (IaC) scanning to detect security vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and compliance issues.


  • Automated Compliance Checks: Relieve your team of manual oversight and the potential for human error. Ensure your IaC configurations meet regulatory and security standards automatically.

  • Real-Time Vulnerability Detection: Enhance your team's confidence in their infrastructure. Our tool scans your IaC scripts as they are being written, detecting and alerting on potential vulnerabilities instantly, allowing for immediate remediation.

  • Seamless CI/CD Integration: Plug the scanner directly into your existing development workflows and ensure that every piece of infrastructure code is scrutinized before deployment without disrupting your processes.
  • Comprehensive Reporting Tools: Gain insights with detailed, understandable reports that help prioritize issues based on severity and impact, streamlining the remediation process.
Release Notes