Open Source License Compliance

Ensure the Integrity and Compliance of Your Open-Source Software Usage.

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Comprehensive Open Source License Management

In today's fast-paced software development environment, leveraging open-source software (OSS) can accelerate innovation and reduce time-to-market. However, with the great power of open source comes the great responsibility of compliance. Our Integration with industry-leading Open Source License Compliance tools simplifies this task, ensuring that your use of OSS respects the legal and ethical standards of the open-source community, protecting your projects from potential legal complications.

Automated License Scanning

Quickly identifies the licenses of all open-source components in your project.

Compatibility Analysis

Evaluates license compatibility issues and highlights potential legal risks.

Continuous Monitoring

Automatically monitor your projects for new compliance issues as your codebase evolves.

Seamless Integration

Seamlessly integrates with your existing development tools and workflows for a frictionless experience.

Customizable Compliance Policies

Set up compliance policies tailored to your organization's needs and risk tolerance.

Comprehensive Reports

Generate detailed reports on your OSS usage, including license obligations and dependencies.


How Aptori Functions

Aptori integrates with industry-leading Open Source License Compliance tools and uses advanced scanning algorithms to detect open-source components and their respective licenses within your project. By automating the complex process of license compliance, Aptori frees up development teams to concentrate on innovation rather than administrative tasks, enhancing overall productivity.


Automatically scan your codebase to identify all open-source components and their licenses.


Evaluate the compatibility of these licenses with your project's licensing and compliance policies.


Generate comprehensive, easy-to-understand reports detailing your compliance status.


Receive actionable recommendations to resolve any identified compliance issues.

Frequently Asked

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Are there any consequences for failing to comply with open-source licenses?
How often should I check my project for open-source license compliance?
Can I automate open-source license compliance?

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