Automating Cloud Security with Aptori CSPM tools

In today's rapidly evolving cloud landscape, securing your infrastructure is more critical than ever. AI-Driven Aptori CSPM (Cloud Security Posture Management) is designed to empower organizations with cutting-edge tools to safeguard their AWS environments against vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, ensuring that your cloud infrastructure is both secure and compliant.

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Comprehensive Cloud Security, Simplified

Aptori Cloud Security Posture Management simplifies cloud security, offering a unified solution to manage and enhance your security posture across your AWS cloud environment. The Aptori CSPM platform is built for teams who demand the highest level of security without the complexity that typically accompanies CSPM tools.

Boost Cloud Security

Minimize the likelihood of successful attacks while maintaining your existing production infrastructure, and AWS environment intact.

Speed Up Fixes

Speed up remediation processes and drastically cut costs by identifying and resolving issues quickly.

Meet Regulations

Enhance your compliance posture, dodging hefty regulatory fines and protecting your reputation from potential damage due to security incidents.

Real-time Visibility

Gain insights into your cloud environment with real-time visibility across all your AWS resources. Aptori CSPM's dashboard provides a comprehensive overview, ensuring you're always informed about your security posture.

Automated Compliance Checks

Stay compliant with industry standards with automated compliance checks. Aptori CSPM evaluates your cloud configurations against best practices and regulatory requirements, reducing the risk of non-compliance.

Seamless Integration

Aptori CSPM seamlessly integrates into your existing workflows. Whether you're developing new applications or managing legacy systems, our platform works with your CI/CD pipeline, providing security insights without slowing you down.

AWS Vulnerability Scanning

Aptori CSPM is an advanced AWS Vulnerability Scanning feature, designed to identify and remediate vulnerabilities within your AWS environment effectively. Leveraging the insights gained from industry leading cloud vulnerability scanning tools. Aptori CSPM enhances these benefits tailored for your organizational needs.

Leverage the Aptori CSPM's AWS Vulnerability Scanning feature to gain a comprehensive, actionable view of your cloud security posture, ensuring your AWS environments are secure, compliant, and optimized for today's dynamic cloud landscapes.

Easy Integration And Use

Start scanning with minimal setup. If you're familiar with the AWS CLI, you're ready to use Aptori CSPM. Our platform simplifies the scanning process, offering intuitive commands and clear, actionable insights.

Seamlessly integrate with your CI/CD pipeline or run via CLI locally, providing flexibility in how you incorporate security scanning into your development and operational workflows.

Comprehensive Coverage

Scan across all AWS services to detect vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and security risks, ensuring no aspect of your cloud environment is left unchecked.

Scan your entire AWS environment, including EC2 instances, S3 buckets, and more. Our scanner checks against the AWS CIS benchmarks, ensuring every aspect of your infrastructure is secure.

Detailed Reporting & Actionable Insights

Receive in-depth reports summarizing vulnerabilities by severity, enabling prioritized remediation efforts and improved security posture.

Beyond identifying vulnerabilities, Aptori CSPM provides detailed remediation guidance. Understand the severity of each issue and follow step-by-step instructions to secure your environment.

Consistent Security Practices

With Aptori CSPM, the transition from Infrastructure as Code (IaC) scanning to live environment scanning is seamless, ensuring consistency in your security practices.

Utilize the same set of security rules for both Infrastructure as Code (IaC) scanning and live cloud environment assessments, ensuring uniform security standards are applied throughout your infrastructure lifecycle.

AWS CIS Benchmarks Compliance

Align with the AWS CIS 1.2 benchmarks, adopting best practices for cloud security and ensuring your AWS accounts meet industry-standard configurations.

Enhanced Collaboration

Share security insights across your team. Aptori CSPM's collaborative features ensure that everyone, from developers to security professionals, has the information they need to contribute to your organization's security.

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